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Interview: Tamara
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w. Courtesy of Nonacoustica Dubrovnik Radio Show –

The 69 Eyes will today release their tenth studio album ''X''! As always when it is about the new album, we had an honor to talk to The 69 Eyes' vocalist, Jyrki69.
Here are some of thoughts he shared with us!

NONACOUSTICA: First I want to congratulate you for the new album. It's very significant to have tenth album.
JYRKI69: Thank you.
NONACOUSTICA: So, how would you present it?
JYRKI69: I think it is worth celebrating if a band releases ten records. It's not unique but if you think all this ten records are done by the same guys throught two decades that's pretty different in this world. The 69 Eyes has always been looking forward ever since the first album, I think that the band has progressed through the years from album to album and we just become better and better songwritters, like putting our heart to the music and I think this is the most heartfull record we've ever done. When I was first heard it in the mid-July, I was actually crying because the songs are so beautiful and very touching and they came out so good, it sounds so good, it sounds very perfect and the music is so beautiful and the melodies are also so, so good but the reason I was pouring some tears mainly was the fact that we, five guys, have stucked together two decades and we're still playing like we do and we've created this record just because of we believe in The 69 Eyes. We believe in what we are doing, we always believed. We just play this music and it seems to be our destiny. We are still managed to get better and better. That was like the emotion which gave me the tears and I just felt the unity between five of us. It's just like unbreakable, especially in this music. On the other hand the music is very heartfull, very soulfull, very musical, very melodic and there are very memorable tunes and most of the music can really touch you deeper most likely that anything else we've created before.
NONACOUSTICA: Wow, I can't wait to hear it then!
JYRKI69: Oh, you havent' hear it?! Ok!

NONACOUSTICA: Now when you're saying it's so great and you're full of enthusiasm, what was your main guidline when you were writting the album?
JYRKI69: If you remember, Tamara, our last album „Back In Blood“ was the record that we recorded in Hollywood and in that record we captured the American rock wide because it was very agressive, powerful guitars, powerful drums, heartdriving songs. So, after touring for that *sigh*  It got very positive review all over the world, very positive but after touring for that we did the last tour last year with Swedish glam rock bands Hardcore Superstar and Crashdiet and then when we were thinking of the setlist for that tour, naturally, we had this hard rocking songs, bunch of songs that our fans expect to hear from us, like this melancolic, melodic songs like „Brandon Lee“ or „Betty Blue“ or „Dance d'Amour“, those were going to be on the setlist but I was a little bit wondering what will audience think of that, after this hardrocking Swedish bands will they like that side of ours or how would they react? And then it tuned out to be, those were the famous songs in our set and I think all audience really respected those melancholic, melodic songs that we played. That just gave me the idea that maybe that's the side of The 69 Eyes that people respect and like the most. So when we were starting to write the new music that was one of mine inspirations, to go back there and write more melodic songs. And of course the melancholism comes along there. That tour and the response to our songs  was really inspiration for this album.
The other thing was, I broke up with my girlfriend by the time I was writing lyrics for the songs so all sudden I start to write lyrics which had something to do with my current relationship so that was something I've never done so openly or honestly before so I just kept it going as that was something I've never experienced before and I just wanted to let that happen and, you know, this songs are more personal but also much more real in that way comparing to, for instant, last record's songs which were more about vampire fantasy world. This songs are real and I think they come closer to yourself as our listener as well and they touch deeper because they are real from real topics. With the music how it comes out, they are very sentimental. This is very sentimental record also. But I mean, after all I'm fucking 43 years old guy so it's time to create sentimental music for a change. But it's still The 69 Eyes album, it has all the same craziness and madness and vampires and ghosts and frankenhookers like always but mainly it's much more real, more emotional and sentimental record.

NONACOUSTICA: That's great! And, the song „Red“ is the first taken from the album so is it really the best one to represent it?
JYRKI69: That was the first song we wrote for the record nearly two years ago already. That's very simple song, it's like a snapshot from one emotion, it's a very simple song, very simple song stucture, very hypnotic in that way. That's picked up by the record company to be the first single because, naturally, if you release the single you want your music to be played on the radio or high-school dance, or something like that. In that way it's perfect as a single and here in Finland it's already played on the biggest commercial radio stations. It's a new break through song for us ever, our music hasn't be played on those station before so that song was like pefect for that. But in general it's just like... we've just played it live for the first time and I was surprised that it's very good song to play live. I think..... I'm maybe imagining that but it feels there is more enthusiasm for this record and for The 69 Eyes for a while. As we played the song it feel like people were keeping their breath, you know. It was very different then before. I think it's a great song to be played live, it's really exciting response. I think I really hold everyone's breath in my hand when I was singing the song. It was very different from anything we have done before. I just realized how powerful the song is when we've played it first time. I don't know if I'm imagining it but it seems people are nicely enthusiastic about this record, really. But they should be because this is fucking crazy good album and this is like *sigh* Wow, this is really the best album we've ever done, by far. Like I said, we always look forward but the songs are so strong so I think this has so much to give to people. But, first of all, I mean, I was thinking: why The 69 Eyes should do a new record? First, one of the reasons is, the first reason is we want to do it! We believe in this, we love to make new music and this is the only way we live, this is our lifestyle. And we are the biggest fans, we have the biggest ambition, we are the most enthusiastic about The 69 Eyes, of course. But then, the second thing is, our fans want new music, they are asking: when you gonna have new record, when you gonna have new music. Fans want new music from us and also when we release a new record they expect and want us to play new songs. They don't come to see us expecting to hear the old set and maybe one song from the new album, they want us to play new songs. Those are the main reasons why the new album and what the hell is going on.

NONACOUSTICA: It's great that you're so enthusiastic and, of course, fans are always enthusiastic about the new album of their favorite bands so that's the best combination.
JYRKI69: Yes, at least in our case. There is a lot of discusion and people are excited and they should be. I think we always managed to surprise them, sometimes even tease them a little bit with few things but I think we always managed to come out a bit different and we have progress through the years and this is the case also. Now we still sound like nobody else, like ourselves. But now the music is much more deeper and like I said, more sensual.

NONACOUSTICA: And now one question about technology. As technology improves the communication and there are many ways how you can keep in touch with your fans, do you comminicate with them more through these devices (skype, facebook) or you like to meet them face to face?
JYRKI69: I love Instagram because it's a great way of creating art. On Instagram you can also get inform people like: hey, new album is gonna look like this and you can tell what is going on in your daily life. But also you can take artistic pictures so that's my favorite social networking tool. Twitter is something, especially now when the record is coming out.. now is exciting to tweet once a while something wich I think it would be interesting and people would follow. And Facebook is something most our record company is dropping there news of the album. There is like huge campaign, Nuclear Blast is putting their news for the album so... One of my concernes was, when the record was ready, that... I was like scared because it was so good so I was like: what if nobody will hear it? What the hell, we're doing the best record we've ever done and what if all sudden people don't get the chance to hear it so I'm glad that we are in Nuclear Blast who is doing a great job like putting all possible notes how to get the record because I don't know where I get that kind of paranoia like: what the fuck, we have to do make sure so everybody is available to check the album so, you know...
But I mean, social networking is something that has got some limits. It's entertainment for fans, it's also information but, of course, it's not like you owe them to tell all the time what you do, or what movie you watched or what fucking salad you ordered. It's way of communicating and maybe tell what's going on at the moment.
I was thinking of telling more about the album but then I get so busy with creating the whole record so I didn't have so much time to do it but if people are interested about creating this album and our relationship with Sweden that would be explained very detailed in that DVD that comes out with the album.

NONACOUSTICA: And what do you think what will future bring for music, and for Internet as there is so much downloading now and people don't buy music as they used to?
JYRKI69: But they still need music. There's good souls who needs good songs. That's why the 80's bands are still famous, all of them are touring and they are bigger then ever. Think of Mötley Crüe, even Iron Maiden and those bands because people need good songs. They wanna sing along, they wanna go and see and listen to this songs. That's way the old bands are still valid. Because they were concentrated and they were creating great songs. Nowadays still even no matter what technology brings us, but people still have the same need for good music and good songs. If you think of Adele, everybody bought a new record but I no wonder because it's a great pieace of music. The songs came back. You know, record companies can't make the money of the music anymore but the primal need for good music is still there. That doesn't go anywhere so it's just like for instance, when we were writting songs for this new record... it's challenging, you have to write fucking good stuff to keep people interested and I think people are not even downloading music anymore, they're just streaming it from the Net. So you have to make great music too keep people patient enough to listen to, to streaming from the Net. The value of music hasn't gone anywhere but it has to be good music.
NONACOUSTICA: Yeah, streaming is now maybe the best way to stop this downloading that has gone far too away.
JYRKI69: Yeah. Yes it is.

NONACOUSTICA: Before I thank you for this interview and wish you a success with everything I have to ask you, will you come to Croatia maybe?
JYRKI69: It's been a while since we've played in Zagreb. We're doing this European tour in January and February and I think, if I remeber right, most likely I'm going play there. It's early next year.
JYRKI69: We always had like a special relationship with Croatia, we always had very loyal, special fans and I don't know where the hell that come from. It surprises me what's the history of that but it's great. We have a lot of friends there and naturally we come down over there to play, no problem with that. And that's for sure.

NONACOUSTICA: In the end, do you have words of wisdom for Croatian fans maybe?
JYRKI69: Words of wisdom? Hmmmm.... words of wisdom, that sounds too serious. I mean, honestly, some wisdom could be found by popular culture and it sounds easier then really put it to practice but I use this and this is nothing new but I don't know have you seen the movie or know anything about it but there is a movie called Rocky Horror Picture show and there is one of main themes – don't dream it, be it! It's not that easy sometimes but as simple as that.

The 69 Eyes Croatia thanks to: Nonacoustica Dubrovnik Radio Show